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AIM Holds Workshops for Ugandan Youths

At the closing of the second workshop in Kabale, the AIM Deputy Director, Paul, and the Regional Manager for South-West and Central (Espilidon) pose for a photo with HE the President to symbolize the existing partnership. Other partners not pictured included USAID, UPHOLD, Uganda AIDS Control Project (World Bank), Ministry of Health, UNFPA, Uganda Network of AIDS Service Organizations (UNASO), TASO, AIC and Uganda Local Authorities Association (ULAA).

AIM Uganda, working in partnership with the Uganda AIDS Commission and President Museveni's office for youth affairs, is mobilizing youths throughout the country to take an active role in HIV/AIDS prevention and care programmes in their districts. Eight 2-day workshops for about 1500 youths each will be held throughout the country. Youths are identified from leaders of youth clubs, youth councils, and secondary and tertiary institutions of learning.

Youths discuss the HIV/AIDS epidemic in relation to the country's social economic, environmental, and political dimensions. In addition, educational, agricultural and security programmes are shared. AIM is happy to be working with the support of Yoweri Museveni whose leadership in the fight against HIV/AIDS is recognized worldwide.

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